Good News – My Tiki Book is Printed!

Thank you all for being so patient. My book, Ninety Years of Classic San Diego Tiki, is finally printed!

Last night I drove through the coursing San Diego rain to FedEx, where their meteorologically-challenged driver left my F&Gs instead of at my door. More like “Effin’ Geez...”

“Folded and Gathered” proofs (F&Gs) are the actual printed sheets of a book, printed on large press sheets, then folded and gathered into 16-page signatures. The printer has you sign off on these before they bind the book together. It’s the last chance to catch any errors.

The Good News

The printing is beautiful, the color pops and it smells of freshly printed matter. If you’re into books, you know what I mean...

The Bad

Lo and behold there was an error that could not be ignored, so I’m having them reprint signature eight with the correct file. I called my rep Leo in Hong Kong and let him know new art for the page was coming. I received a “soft proof” (reader-spread PDF of pages 114-115) at 2 am. Approved!

They will reprint, collate, trim, and start binding for final bulk of work to be completed on December 4, 2019. I’m immediately having a portion of advance copies air-shipped to San Diego. And the remainder will take 9-12 days on a slow boat from China.

Once we get them in-hand, we’ll ship out to you all and announce book-signing events. Just in time for Christmas!

Much Mahalo,
Martin S. Lindsay

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