Our Book, Fassionola, Is In Transit!

Hello all!

Thank you for your patience! We are excited to let you know our book, Fassionola, is completed, printed, and on the cargo ship Ever Faith to the US from our printer in China! 

The vessel is scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles on May 27, so we should have the books in-hand the first week in June (fingers crossed customs clearance goes smoothly).

We are readying packaging and plan on getting them out to you as soon as we can!


Leaving China

Off the coast of Japan and on its way to Los Angeles!

As always, if you have changes to your shipping address, please let us know before June 1st. If you want to order additional copies of the book, go to shop.classicsandiego.com for either the hardbound or softcover editions. 

And thank you again!


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